Maple Ball 2016

  • Venue:
    Montage Hotel
  • Time:
    All day event

The 42nd Annual Maple Ball


On October 26, 2016, The Maple Counseling Center held The 42nd Annual Maple Ball at Montage Beverly Hills to celebrate our deeply rooted commitment to mental health. We honored Dr. Drew Pinsky for helping spread awareness and erase the stigma around mental health; Mason A. Sommers, PhD, for his important work within our community; and our soon-to-be-retiring Clinical Director, Harold Young, who has been with the Center for more than thirty years. This unforgettable evening was hosted by Mike Catherwood and included music by Jane Lynch, Kate Flannery, and to the Tony Guerrero Trio. All Funds raised from the Ball support the programs and services that enrich the mental health of the greater Los Angeles community. Thank you to everyone who helped ensure that TMCC will be an affordable resource for those needing help for many seasons to come. 

Read more about the Ball over at The Fix.


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