Child, Adolescent, and Family Programs

Individual Child and Adolescent Therapy

Children and adolescents are given the opportunity to explore a wide range of developmental issues.  Our youngest clients can learn to express their needs, make friends, and find socially productive means to settle conflicts.  Adolescents utilize therapy to address challenges with self-esteem, peer relationships, school and academic difficulties, depression and anxiety, as well as stressed family relationships.


Family Therapy

Seeing the system as a whole provides a space for family members to develop more effective communication, establish or re-establish common family goals, strengthen bonds, and learn and practice effective conflict resolution.


Parent Education

An integral part of our services are our Parenting Classes.  With a skilled Parent Educator and the support of peers, parents learn the nuances of the different stages of development and how best to meet their children’s changing needs.  Parents are also provided with tools to address specific challenges, and a focus is placed on understanding how their own beliefs and feelings impact their parenting choices.


School Based Services

Students from Beverly Hills High School and Moreno High School are provided counseling services by specially trained interns.  The interns are able to provide on-site individual and group counseling sessions.  Students present with a variety of concerns, including academic struggles, social and peer challenges, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and drug and alcohol experimentation.  Our interns meet weekly to provide students with a safe and nurturing counseling experience which allows them to work through the many challenges of adolescence.


Community Circle

Community Circle is widely used in over thirty elementary school classrooms in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Unified School Districts. The Program is offered weekly for each classroom in the program. Students learn to discuss sensitive topics while respecting the needs of others in a safe and confidential setting in order to promote mutual respect. Once key communication skills are learned and understood, any topic of interest can be discussed. Interested in volunteering?