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Children and Families


 The Maple Counseling Center offers a range of services for families, adolescents, and children that include consultations and evaluations, and individual and family therapy. Families can address a range of issues, including crisis situations, in group or individual therapy modalities.

Individual Child Therapy


At The Maple Counseling Center, children and adolescents are given the opportunity to explore a wide range of developmental issues.  Our youngest clients learn to express their needs and tackle developmental challenges related to separation, individuation, and school readiness. They gain the necessary skills to have healthy peer and family relationships.  Adolescents utilize therapy to address challenges with self-esteem, peer relationships, school and academic difficulties, depression and anxiety, and strained and dysfunctional family relationships.




Parents and children are seen together in counseling to strengthen bonds, improve communication, and develop more effective problem solving strategies.  Contemporary families are faced with a myriad of stressors, including financial uncertainties, academic and developmental struggles, and communication breakdowns.  Family therapy can help family members find more productive ways to interact and reestablish satisfying relationships.


Parent Consultation

Central to The Maple Counseling Center’s holistic view of treatment, parents are seen as essential partners in the successful treatment of their child or teen.  Parenting is one of the most challenging and potentially rewarding roles for many adults, and we actively engage parents in their child’s counseling experience.  Parents are the crucial first step in developing a comprehensive individualized treatment plan for each child.


Parents participate in treatment through regular communication and meetings with their child’s counselor.  Through this dialogue, parents learn about typical development as well as to how to recognize and address the specific needs of their own children.

Mother Daughter


Our Parent Education Series is a four-session package offered continuously throughout the year. The series is open to all clients at The Maple Counseling Center and to parents in the community.  Parents of children who are receiving counseling at the Center are required to participate in a parenting class series. This series is facilitated by specially trained interns who conduct the weekly sessions with an emphasis on understanding development, increasing awareness of how parents’ own early experiences impact parenting choices, development of improved communication and conflict resolution skills, and ways to incorporate positive change into family functioning.
Child in School


Interns provide onsite individual and group counseling sessions to local elementary, middle and high school students. Students present with a variety of concerns, including academic struggles, social and peer challenges, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and drug and alcohol experimentation.  Our interns meet with students weekly to provide a safe and nurturing counseling experience, allowing them to work through the many challenges of childhood and adolescence.


Community Circle


The Center’s oldest program, running continuously for over 40 years, Community Circle serves students in local elementary school classrooms. Committed volunteers receive extensive training to provide students with the opportunity to learn and model social skills and conflict resolution strategies in a safe setting.  The program is a unique collaboration between volunteers, called Community Circle Leaders, and classroom teachers, allowing students to learn communication skills around sometimes difficult or challenging contemporary topics. The goal of Community Circle is to build character, self-confidence, self-worth, and responsibility.


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