Working With Us

Clinical Staff, Interns and Counselors

The Center is considered one of the most comprehensive community counseling centers in the country. Like a fine teaching hospital, TMCC is a highly respected training facility. The counseling is conducted by graduate level interns and Senior Peer Counselors, all of whom receive supervision provided by the Center’s multidisciplinary team of licensed professionals from the fields of clinical psychology, social work, and marriage and family therapy.

Our Counselor Training Program is the backbone of TMCC. Year after year, it continues to be a highly sought internship among graduate students from colleges, universities, and institutes in California and throughout the nation. TMCC’s training program is recognized nationally, and the depth of the Center’s clinical supervision is well known among interns and graduate programs. The counseling provided by the interns is an essential element that allows TMCC to remain a low fee agency for individuals and families in need. All interns receive close supervision from TMCC’s clinical staff.

Our Lay Volunteers are the mainstay of several of TMCC’s programs; on average, roughly 220 volunteers per week assist the staff to ensure the most cost effective management of the Center-based and community outreach programs. Volunteers are the reason we can offer the successful and well regarded Community Circle Program and Older Adults Counseling Program. Another group of dedicated volunteers assists monthly with mailings and a myriad of other clerical tasks, saving the Center a significant amount in annual operating costs.