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  BY ALLY PRONINA IOWA PUBLISHED ON THE DAILY IOWAN NOVEMBER 4   At the end of my ADHD and Development Lab meeting, our principal investigator made an announcement we all need to take to heart. The lab is going to take a post-election mental health break and not meet on November 4. That’s something[…]

What is election anxiety and how can consumers manage it?

  BY KIMIA RAHBAR LOS ANGELES PUBLISHED ON USC ANNENBERG MEDIA NOVEMBER 2   More so than the last presidential election — or arguably any election in American history— the divisive 2020 presidential race has incited an overwhelming sense of anxiety among Americans, according to a poll conducted by the American Psychological Association. Nearly 70% of[…]

More Than Half of Americans Say Their Mental Health is Suffering Because of the Presidential Election, Survey Finds

More Than Half of Americans Say Their Mental Health is Suffering Because of the Presidential Election, Survey Finds Younger Adults Are Significantly More Impacted; Nearly 8 in 10 Americans are ‘Worried’ About the Country’s Future   Los Angeles, Calif., October 13, 2020 – Political tensions in the U.S. are taking a toll on the wellbeing[…]

“Counseling During COVID-19 in Beverly Hills” Featured on Beverly Hills Courier

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Maple Response Network in the News

  BY PARKER COLLINS EL SEGUNDO PUBLISHED ON SPECTRUM NEWS 1   EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — One El Segundo high school asked for help when faced with a terrible loss. School psychologist Lynn Rodriguez has known Steven Anderson ever since she was a teenager. He was her history teacher for two years. “Mr. Anderson, I always call[…]

“Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills Launches Response Network” Featured on Beverly Hills Courier

TMCC Establishes Maple Response Network

Many of us continue to be impacted by the rise in school and mass shootings here in California and across the country.   While our communities may not always be directly affected, we certainly can empathize with the grief and loss, leaving us feeling lonely, depressed or anxious.   That's why we are proud to announce[…]

TMCC featured in Beverly Hills Courier “Beverly Hills Schools Make Security Measures a Priority”

TMCC Interns Get Ready for the Road Ahead on Spectrum News 1

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — The newest batch of future therapists are just about to take their very first clients. Brace Bacon is a marriage and family therapist trainee. He is one of 30 new interns at the Maple Counseling Center. They each need thousands of clinical hours before they can get their licenses. Bacon saw[…]

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