Become A Client



Step 1: Initiate Contact

Call (310) 271-9999. Please provide us with the best phone number to reach you directly, times you are available to have a private telephone conversation, and the type of therapy you’re seeking (Individual/Couples, Child or FamilyGroup).

Step 2: Telephone Screening

A TMCC psychotherapist will call you to conduct a 15-20 minute initial telephone screening. This call will cover a variety of areas including important aspects of your personal life or any risks you are facing. The therapist will answer questions you have regarding TMCC, the types of therapy we provide, and the next steps. There is no charge for this confidential conversation. If TMCC is not a good match for your needs, you will be provided with referrals.

Step 3: Schedule Your First Session

A therapist will call you to schedule your intake appointment via phone or HIPPA compliant Zoom. 

Step 4: Ongoing Therapy

At TMCC, we practice psychoanalytic psychotherapy. You and your therapist will meet at the same time every week. Sessions are 50 minutes long. As therapy progresses, you and your therapist may decide that you would benefit from multiple weekly sessions. This is always an option at TMCC. You may continue your work with your therapist for as long as you both see fit.

Client Intake Forms and Fee

Once you have completed the telephone screening, you will need to fill out TMCC’s Intake Form and provide a $35 processing fee. 

We are a nonprofit counseling center. Your session fee will be established based upon your ability to pay. Verification of income, such as a recent tax return or pay stubs, will be required by the Finance Department when establishing your fee.

Frequently Asked Qs

How do I know TMCC is a right fit for me?

TMCC specializes in long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy, informed by modern and contemporary psychoanalysis. This means that our therapists work from the inside out to consider how your early life experiences influence your current actions and relationships. We encourage honesty and foster intimacy in the relationship you form with your therapist as a way to discover your true self and grow.

How much do therapy services cost?

Finances shouldn’t be an obstacle for mental healthcare. That’s why TMCC offers a sliding scale fee, meaning our fees are determined by your income, expenses, and specific life situation. The finance department staff will contact you to review your financial situation and your fee will be determined. 

What are the qualifications of TMCC counselors?

Our counselors are highly trained interns and associates actively studying with and supervised by our experienced faculty of clinical psychologists, psychoanalysts, and other mental health professionals while they obtain their licensure in the state of California.

If the intake fee is paid and then I decide not to do therapy will my intake fee be refunded?

Yes, as long as the intake has not been conducted.

Can I choose my counselor preference for a male or female?

Absolutely, you can request your preference and we will try our best to accommodate. However, we cannot guarantee we can fulfill requests, as we have to take into consideration therapist availability which could delay your services.

How long before I am assigned to my ongoing therapist?

A typical timeframe depends a lot on you. The faster you are able to connect with our psychotherapists/administrative staff for the steps of the intake process (see above), the faster we can assign you to a therapist. Typically, it can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

How long will therapy take?

Therapy sessions are 50-minutes long and start off once per week. As therapy progresses, you and your therapist may decide you would benefit from multiple weekly sessions, which is always an option at TMCC. You may continue your work with your therapist for as long as you both see fit.