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January 1, 1970 at 12:00 am

The Properties of Healing Relationships that Facilitate Transformation

The Properties of Healing Relationships that Facilitate Transformation

Join us as Drs. Idell Natterson, Marion Solomon, and Bonnie Goldstein weave together concepts and and clinical applications…

Friday, November 30, 2018, 9:00am-1:00pm

The Maple Counseling Center
Training Room
9107 Wilshire Blvd., LL, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


All participants will receive 4 Hours of Continuing Education Credit

 Due to the generosity of our speakers, all proceeds will benefit the programs and services of The Maple Counseling Center.


This program is offered by Lifespan Learning Insitute which is solely responsible for the educational content. This program offers 4 CE hours. Lifespan Learning Institute is approved to offer CE Credit by APA, BRN, CAMFT and IMQ/CMA. For complete CE information, go to

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Includes attendance and 4 Hours of Continuing Education Credit


Includes attendance and 4 Hours of Continuing Education Credit


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Includes attendance, 4 Hours of Continuing Education Credit, and a signed copy of How People Change: Relationships and Neuroplasticity in Psychotherapy by Dan Siegel and Marion Solomon


Includes attendance, 4 Hours of Continuing Education Credit,  and a one-hour in-office consultation with the speaker of your choice

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This collaborative workshop will explore the complexities of attachment and the brain, mind, and body interchange. Weaving together relational theories, interpersonal neurobiology, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, we will focus on the properties of healing relationships that facilitate transformation. 

Dr. Marion Solomon, who will launch our morning, states, The mechanisms by which our brains are shaped present a paradox: despite the malleable nature of the connections among neurons, life-long habits can make significant behavioral changes difficult.” Despite our desire for transformation, we easily fall into thought patterns and behaviors that were laid down in our past.  Our brains are the culmination of all of our experiences,. Dr. Solomon will explore how to effect positive, long-standing transformations and permanent change in our behavior, especially towards our most intimate partners.

Dr. Idell Natterson’s presentation, “Love Maps: Understanding The Relationship of Clashing Love Maps in the Treatment of Marital Conflicts” will explore relationship challenges through the lens of relationship theory, attachment, and the interwoven histories of two partners. She will elucidate the challenges couples face with clashing love maps, illustrating ways to better understand and reduce detached behavior. Dr. Natterson, who was honored earlier this year for her long-standing commitment to teaching and supervising at The Maple Counseling Center, will include a case studies elucidating these concepts.

Dr. Bonnie Goldstein’s presentation, “The Transformation of Helplessness and Hopelessness in Moment-to-Moment Clinical Action,” will examine treatment through the lens of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, embedded relational mindfulness and somatic interventions. Utilizing case studies, experiential exercises and brief sessions illustrating Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Dr. Goldstein will illustrate principles including:

  • Addressing the verbal and nonverbal legacies of trauma and attachment disorders
  • Illuminating treatment which prioritizes the body’s innate intelligence
  • Illustrating specific, teachable, moment-to-moment clinical interventions
  • Describing embedded relational mindfulness in present moment experience
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