You Are Not Alone with Featured Speaker Andrea Sonnenberg

Co-Chairs: Bonnie Goldstein, Lisa Kelton, and Bruce Rosenblum

TMCC invites you to an inspirational talk about the life and legacy of Bradley Sonnenberg, presented by Bradley’s mother, Andrea Sonnenberg. Andrea takes the audience through a moving journey leading to Bradley’s early passing, chronicling their experience navigating the world of mental illness. Join us for a 45-minute virtual presentation followed by an open Q&A session.

Andrea Sonnenberg is a mother, lawyer, educator, and now mental health advocate, inspired by the untimely death of her son to work to improve the mental health care system that is failing so many. She is determined to increase awareness of mental health, and influence policy and decision-makers to help those suffering, as well as their caretakers. By sharing her family’s story, she hopes to educate and ease the stigma surrounding these issues.

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