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Older Adults


By 2030, one in five Americans will be an older adult. The Maple Counseling Center’s Older Adult Program supports clients to explore psychological goals, conflict and desire in relationships, ageism at work—and to grieve losses. 

Counseling for Older Adults


Participating in counseling optimizes health, improves attitude, and encourages clients to discover their capacity to live more emotionally engaged lives. Specialized services are provided by associates, trainees, and peer counselors—all of whom receive extensive training in counseling older adults or caregivers—and are supervised by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a background in gerontology.

Older adult clients have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss life situations with a trusted counselor
  • Gain support and self-awareness
  • Learn alternative coping strategies
  • Discover personal strengths
  • Explore loss, trauma, relationships with family and friends, decisions, grief, caregiving, or health concerns in a safe environment
  • Reduce feelings of isolation, and learn new ideas and creative ways to improve quality of life

Paraprofessional Counseling

Older Adults 7

Older Adult Peer Counselors are paraprofessionals who receive training in counseling skills. Older Adult Peer Counselors undergo rigorous training and receive ongoing weekly supervision, provided by a licensed clinician specializing in gerontology.


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