Use your talents, life experience, and concern for others while helping men, women, and children face some of life’s more difficult situations.

The Maple Counseling Center offers volunteer opportunities that provide both challenges and rewards for participants.  The programs listed below will allow you to learn and develop as a person while you make a real difference in your community. 


Community Circle Program volunteers work in elementary schools in Beverly Hills and surrounding areas. The Program is offered weekly for each classroom in the program. Students learn to discuss the needs of others in a safe and confidential setting in order to promote mutual respect. Once key communication skills are learned and understood, any topic of interest can be discussed.

•   Please contact LuNel LeMieux at (310) 271-9999 x228 for more information. 

Clinical Supervisors

•   Must be licensed for at least 2 years (LMFT, LMSW, PhD, PsyD)
•   1 hour of volunteer clinical supervision per week with two interns (triadic supervision)
•   Complete an evaluation of the two interns twice per year
•   For LMFT and LMSW volunteers, they must complete a 6-hour course in supervision theory as required by California law. TMCC pays a stipend of up to $75 to cover the cost of this course. (PhD and PsyD are exempt.)

Please email Marianne Callahan, PhD, LMFT, Clinical Director at mcallahan@tmcc.org for more information.